Spare Parts

Europe Brand Compressor

Compressor is the most important part to the Refrigeration System. Just like a human heart. It take part of making the temperature. We choose Europe Brand and do the protection for it and it can help to reduce the cost of repair further in the future.


Auto Digital Control

Taiwan made Electronic control panel, control temperature automatically, such as procedure of defrost, anti-fog, etc.


System Protector

High pressure control could restrict the pressure continue to being protected. It could cut off when it over load or pressured.


Humidity Control

To prevent the system damp, water vapor condensation may lead to expansion device block, reduce system efficiency.


Temperature Sensor

Expansion valve takes an important part to the refrigeration system. It helps to transform to steam then the refrigerant absorb the heat to produce the ideal temperature.


snubber. Let it go better further more!

Like a filter, reduce the noise, etc.




Reinforced stainless steel door hinge

Most of the door hinge is formed by Alloy, it would be easy to Burst, door hinge off etc. We choose Reinforced stainless steel door hinge, more durable and safer.


LED Light

We choose LED Light which is durable in -18 degree. It could reduce the electricity consumption and more effective.


Auto Defrost

Automatic Defrost would produce water, our refrigerator installed a auto-defrost function, we do not need to waste our time for the drainage problem.



Our refrigerator is tested in vary function, we do more, we would have more perfect production.